What is a Point of Interest?

Points of Interest are locations SeeClickFix thinks you'll find of interest based on previous account activity. If you reported graffiti in your neighborhood, the system will send you e-mails with relevant content reported by other users in that area.

POI's are added to your account when you follow an issue or when you report an issue.

Here's what to do you if want to stop receiving e-mail notifications for a particular location.

  • Navigate to https://seeclickfix.com
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the "Person" icon (My Account)
  • Select Points of Interest
  • You will see a map with pins showing all of your POIs.

To remove a POI, simply click on the red pin. Then click "okay."

Once you've removed the POI you will no longer receive e-mail updates from that area.

To stop receiving all POI emails, you can deselect the POI option in the Email Preferences section of your account (see: How to Manage Email Notifications).

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