How to Manage Email Notifications

When you register for your SeeClickFix account, we will automatically opt you in to receive all of the available email alerts. If you want to reduce the volume of email you receive or you would simply prefer to check updates via the notification tool on the website, you can adjust your email preferences. 

First, navigate to and log in. Then, go to the "Person Icon" and select "Preferences." On the General Preferences page select "E-mail Addresses." To proceed to editing permissions for an e-mail, click on the address. 

This page lets you manage what types of e-mails you receive from SeeClickFix. To stop a specific type of alert, find the corresponding box and deselect it. If you want to unsubscribe from all e-mail notifications, deselect all the boxes. 

Once you're finished updating your preferences, select either "Update All of My E-mail addresses" or "Update This E-mail Address Only."

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    I still get four responses each time, and they all have the same info and time stamp. Why is this? I provided examples last time but the issue still goes on!

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